Kingsoft PC Doctor

A lightweight, anti-virus program with a lot of extra tools and system cleaners

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95

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Kingsoft PC Doctor
Kingsoft PC Doctor 2.7

The Kingsoft PC Doctor could be said to be a program suite, which basically translates to meaning it performs several important cleaning functions related to the computer. Along with that, you can also use it for registry cleaning. Let's take an example where you have to find large files on the hard drive and uninstall some of the programs and clean the junk files from the system. Through the Kingsoft PC Doctor, you have a program that works fast, has intuitive use and you can identify why particular registry items have been marked for containing errors.

The Compatibility of the Kingsoft PC Doctor

In terms of compatibility, this software works with many of the older computer software systems. For example, you have Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Each of them gets official support, but you can also use this software on the newer platforms like Windows 10 and Window 8. In particular, the registry cleaner tool from Kingsoft PC Doctor works as a Registry Cleaner from this section of the program.

Identify the Invalid Application Paths

Unlike some of the other choices, Kingsoft PC Doctor will identify the invalid paths for the application. You have everything from context menu items to software information, file format records, help files and fonts. These are only some of the things possible with this software. For example, you can browse through different errors found in the program, and in these cases, something specific will usually be explained about it. Before you decide to delete a registry key, Kingsoft PC Doctor automatically brings in a backup file for the system to help you with your computer in the the future if you need it. This means you can restore it any time you want through the "Restore Link" found closer to the bottom of the page.

Alerts from Kingsoft

Outside handing you tools for cleaning, Kingsoft also sends out alerts whenever you have removed a temporary file that threatens privacy, used up too much of your internet traffic or lower the overall time it takes to start up Windows. This will remind you of when you should clean your hard drive because the disk space has reached a low point.

What are some of the benefits of installing the Kingsoft PC Doctor? First, the software installs fast, so you won't have to spend hours waiting for it to finish up. In addition, the interface of this program has been simplified and left with a clean-cut style for easy use. You also have a host of useful tools that can help you get by. Finally, the registry automatically gets backed and supported before you ever conduct a cleaning on your PC.


  • Includes plenty of other useful tools that you will find valuable.
  • The program install quickly so that you waste little time.
  • You automatically back up the registry.


  • You have no scheduling options.

Kingsoft PC Doctor is a unique computer program that scans your computer for viruses and other problems. If you're looking for a cheap way to protect your computer, this might be the best program for you. Even if you have anti-virus software on your computer, you should be aware that viruses change constantly and that even the best software in the world can't stop all of their destructive effects. Not only can this program diagnosis problems with your computer, but it can also clean up your registry and remove unneeded files to optimize your computer and get it running faster.

The program comes with OneKey PC Diagnosis, which runs a check on your operating system and lets you know about any programs or files that are slowing down your computer. It will also show you how fast certain programs run as well as the current network speed of your computer. With one click of a button, you can delete programs that are slowing down your speed, or you may choose to stop those programs from running.

You also receive a Windows Cleaner, which increases your security and privacy on the internet. No matter how careful you are, you risk forgetting to sign out of an account or leaving behind personal information that can lead to identity theft. This feature specifically looks for threats to your personal privacy and removes them. It also searches your hard drive for files that you no longer need or use and suggests that you delete them.

Another great feature of the program is the Startup Booster. The more files and programs you have on your computer, the more time it takes to start up when you turn it on. You may notice that your computer takes several minutes to run while others are able to get their computers running in just a few seconds. This feature identifies which programs and files are making your computer run so slowly.

Many users love that this program will also monitor their traffic and the steps they take online. It lets you know how long you spend online and lets you reduce the amount of time that you or others in your home spend on the computer. Another great feature is the System Booster. This feature examines the amount of RAM on your computer, combines programs and finds ways to give you more space, which will help your computer run a little faster. While Kingsoft PC Doctor doesn't offer traditional anti-virus protection, it can help you keep track of your online movements and adjust your computer to keep it running at a high speed.


  • Windows Cleaner protects your privacy and keeps your public persona separate from your private self.
  • OneKey PC Diagnosis identifies slow programs and increases the speed of your computer.
  • Helps you stay safe and protected online.


  • Not easy enough for some people to use.
  • Doesn't identify all threats found online.
  • May attempt to delete files and programs that you need on your computer.

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